Dogs & bikes

Travelling with dogs...

Dogs are transported for a small fee. Please keep your dog on a leash whilst on the boats/Chiemsee Railway.

To avoid endangering other passengers, the boat crew may at any time demand that you attach a muzzle or may refuse to transport your dog.

Travelling with bikes...

Bikes with trailers:
Bikes with child trailers are also transported. A fee is only payable for the bike.


Combining bike + boat - our advice to you:
Cycle from Prien to Seebruck or Chieming and then take the Grand Chiemsee Tour on one of the last two boats from Seebruck (at 4.00 or 6.00 pm) or Chieming (at 4.30 or 6.30 pm) back to Prien. In our experience, there are fewer bikes on the last two boats.

Cycle from Chieming or Seebruck to Prien and then take the Grand Chiemsee Tour boat at 3.00 pm back to Chieming or Seebruck. A smaller boat is often used for the Grand Chiemsee Tour from Prien at 5.00 pm, which may be problematic when transporting bikes.

Please note that the Grand Chiemsee Tour only operates during the summer months. Please refer to the current timetable for the exact dates.


A polite note about capacity issues:
Many cyclists take advantage of the nice weather during the Whitsun and summer holidays and at weekends and on Bank Holidays. Many of them want to shorten their trip around Lake Chiemsee by taking the boat. It can sometimes happen that the boats are already full of bikes and the captain cannot take any more in the interests of passenger safety (emergency exits). To alleviate this situation, there is also the RVO (Regionalverkehr Oberbayern, Upper Bavarian Regional Transport Company) cyclist and rambler bus, which we recommend using in these cases.


RVO (Regionalverkehr Oberbayern, Upper Bavarian Regional Transport Company) cyclist and rambler bus:
The RVO circular bus (Route No. 9586) runs around Lake Chiemsee several times a day from mid-May until early October (Chieming - Prien - Chieming - Prien). The circular bus route is ideal for transporting bikes. The circular bus route timetable is available here. (timetable only in German)


Cycling on the islands:
Cycling is not permitted on Herreninsel and Fraueninsel.


e-Bike charging station and lockers in Prien/Stock

There is a free charging station for e-Bikes right next to Prien/Stock harbour, along with free lockers and lockable bike storage.