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  • Where can I get gift vouchers for a boat trip?
    > You can get vouchers for a specific route from our offices in Prien/Stock. We'll be happy to send them to you, together with an invoice. There is an additional handling charge of €2.50 to cover postage. Simply send us a request, stating your preferred route, number of passengers and invoice address.
  • Do groups need to register?
    > Only groups of 100 or more need to register.

  • How many people need to be in a group to qualify for a group discount?
    > The group rate applies for groups of 20 or more.

  • Is it possible to reserve a seat?
    > No, it is not possible to reserve a seat.

  • Can you get off and continue later?
    > With every ticket, you can get off at any time and continue later on another boat.

  • Can I take my bike?
    > Bikes can be taken on all boats, depending on capacity.

  • Is cycling permitted on the islands?
    > No, cycling is prohibited on the islands.

  • Can I leave my car in the car park for several days?
    > Yes. Before you leave, simply pay at the pay station using the ticket you collected when you entered the car park.

  • How much does parking cost for cars and coaches in Prien/Stock?
    > Pricing information can be found here.

  • Can I visit the islands in the winter?
    > Yes, we sail from Prien and Gstadt to the islands and back every day of the year.

  • Is the palace open all year round?
    > Yes, except on the following days:
    24, 25, and 31 December, 1 January and Shrove Tuesday
    (More information about Herreninsel can be found here.)

  • Is food available on the boats?
    > There are kiosks selling snacks on the following boats:
    MS "Berta", MS "Edeltraud"; MS "Josef", MS "Irmingard", "Ludwig Fessler"

  • Which ticket do I need to buy if I want to stay overnight on the island?
    > An overnight ticket: a ticket for the normal route plus an "overnight stay" for the same price.

  • How does the night taxi after the last crossing work?
    > Information about the night taxi can be found here.

  • Is smoking permitted on the boats?
    > Smoking is permitted on our open-air decks.

  • Is there free Wi-Fi at the harbour or on the boats?
    > Wi-Fi is not available either at the harbour or on the boats.