Food & drink

Prien/Stock harbour

There is a conveniently situated kiosk at the harbour in Prien/Stock, serving a small selection of hot and cold food, drinks and ice cream.
From here, you can watch the comings and goings of the boats or the water cascading down the nearby fountain over a cappuccino, for example, while your children let off steam running about in the play area.

The kiosk is open from around Easter – end of October.


Another kiosk (next to the ticket office) sells regional souvenirs.
Open: from around Easter - early November.


Luitpold am See café-restaurant:

Right next to the pier at the harbour is the pleasant Luitpold café-restaurant, serving delicious cakes from its own patisserie. 

Link restaurant

Onboard the boats

On "Edeltraud", "Josef" and "Irmingard" there is a self-service kiosk with a small selection of food, drinks and ice cream.

Restaurants on Herreninsel

Schlosswirtschaft Herrenchiemsee
phone +49 (0)8051/962767-0

Schlosscafé im Neuen Schloss
phone +49 (0)8051/968834

Restaurants on Fraueninsel

Hotel-Café-Restaurant "Zur Linde"
phone +49 (0)8054/90366

phone +49(0)8054/7765

phone +49 (0)8054/630

phone +49 (0)8054/902088